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Are you in the 75% of companies using big data that are failing to make “informed” data-driven decisions?

Convert your data to revenue. By combining Voice-of-Customer (VOC) metrics with existing data from across your enterprise,
TCELab applies predictive analytics to identify key areas of strategic opportunity that deliver:

  • Better, fact-based decision making
  • Increased sales
  • Increased customer retention (a.k.a. reduced churn)
  • More efficient operations
  • Improved customer experience
  • Clarity on marketing benefits and messaging
  • Higher quality products and services
  • Customer metrics for dashboards

Which option best describes why you’re here?

Our Relationship / Transactional Surveys help you understand what your customers want you to focus on to help you gain their loyalty & business.Learn More
We offer a review and evaluation of your VOC program including big data sources, existing/proposed survey results, and mathematical organization.Learn More
Our RAPID approach works well for industry and competitive external research, giving both your product and marketing teams focused on what really makes a difference to your prospective customers. Learn More
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Kashoo used TCELab to guide them to 75% YOY annual growth.

“TCELab knocks my socks off! The TCELab CRD Voice of Customer Survey allowed us to strip through the clutter and focus on whatʼs really important to our customers to drive user growth and revenue. A great addition to our strategy meetings.” ~ Jim Secord, CEO,
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RAPID vs. NPS Net Promoter Score

Message from the CEO

Do You Believe in your Data?

100_guarantee_Stephen_King_TCELab_CEOCan you trust and believe in the customer and market insights gathered from your data?

In the past, I’ve used NPS (Net Promoter Score) as a measurement of customer loyalty / satisfaction in a variety of startups and large organizations, notably Intuit where I was a CMO and a Director of Strategy. For the most part, the actionable insights from NPS were underwhelming and usually endlessly debated by my team as well as the C-Suite reflecting disbelief in the data. I always felt like I wasn’t ever getting the full picture and when I met Dr. Bob seven years ago I started to understand why.

Dr. Bob Hayes, TCELab CCO, is a leading customer experience research scientist who created the RAPID Loyalty Framework and has explored the statistical best-practices of Customer Experience Management in his three books, blog, magazine articles and numerous appearances.

Fast-forward to today — we formed TCELab because we want to make the world better by helping make people, companies and products better. It’s exciting to build tools, platforms and analytics around Dr. Bob’s science. We know our approach is not only leading-edge and statistically sound, but also very action oriented. And, it works.

NPS as a customer loyalty metric under-performs in the modern economy.

Click here to learn more about RAPID vs. NPS.

CLAAP is our Customer Loyalty As A Platform technology.

Click here to learn how we deliver world-class insights and analytics to your organization, leaving your team to focus on what’s needed to improve your customer experience.

What is CEM?

Click here to learn about the fundamentals about CEM Customer Experience Management.

What is Big Data?

Click here to learn about the power of correlating Customer Experience information with your big data.

TCELab delivers actionable insights with 100% total confidence in results

The customer is always right. If you know how to listen! We have a full range of end-to-end CEM, Loyalty and Big Data services and products we can tailor to fit your needs.

Let’s roll-up our sleeves and get started.

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